The Top 5 Things that Benefit from Climate Control the Most

We have found that a lot of our Ogdensburg, NJ storage clients are not familiar with the benefits of a climate-controlled unit. And we get why. The terms ‘climate controlled’ and ‘temperature controlled’ are too often used synonymously in the industry. So, what does climate controlled really mean? And more importantly, why would you want a climate controlled unit?

The most common difference between climate controlled and temperature controlled is humidity. Temperature controlled facilities usually only manage temperature, while climate controlled facilities may manage both temperature and humidity. Both humidity and temperature work together to control moisture levels in a storage space. As humidity in the air increases so does the air’s ability to hold heat. When humidity decreases, it also helps keep temperatures low. Our New Jersey customers are certainly familiar with humidity!

Climate-controlled storage reduces the risks of damage to your stored items by using heating and cooling units to keep the storage space at a safe temperature, usually at a level above freezing and typically humidity levels around fifty-five percent. There are certain items that really benefit from this added layer of protection. Below you will find the top five things we recommend a climate controlled unit be used for.

Wood and Leather Furniture

When exposed to too much moisture over time, wood can crack, warp, or rot. For anyone storing wooden furniture like bed frames, tables and chairs, end tables, nightstands, dressers, entertainment centers, and more, this makes having climate-controlled storage absolutely necessary. And leather furniture needs it just as much. Leather that’s not stored in a climate-controlled space is more susceptible to moisture, which can discolor the pieces and cause mildew,

Collector’s Items

Coins should be kept as close to a constant temperature and humidity level as possible. Too much exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity can start the oxidation process, which ruins the metals used in coins. Copper and silver, in particular, are at risk of tarnishing.

A stamp collection in a climate-controlled storage unit is important if you live in a region where the humidity is high all year. Once stamps have been exposed to high temperature and humidity, [they] will curl and stick.

Much like the pages of a stamp album, the pages of comic books are also susceptible to damage if left in an environment where moisture can find its way to the pages. Storing your comics safely is the key to preserving your collecting and they make a great alternative to home storage if your collection is growing!

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments, though sometimes large, are very delicate and need to be handled with great care. Whether it’s short-term or long-term storage for instruments, temperature control is a must. Humidity is a piano’s worst enemy. The average piano has approximately 15,000 glued joints, and if humidity gets to it, the glue is a goner. The strings can also become rusted and corroded. An acoustic guitar is another good example of an instrument that can be damaged by temperature and humidity. Like a piano, its strings can snap when kept in the wrong conditions. High temperatures can also cause a major problem for the glues and adhesives that hold the instrument together.


Even if you’re keeping artwork in file cabinets or packing tubes in your unit, it’s important to maintain the unit’s temperature. Experts recommend the best environment is a temperature of 70-75°F. Craft supplies also need climate control. All fabric needs to be protected from UV exposure and moisture which makes a climate-controlled unit the perfect fit for storing extra fabric or finished sewing projects. Use clear plastic bins to seal out dust and moisture in storage.


Clothing is one of the most common items people store, but hardly anyone thinks of utilizing climate control. When you’re swapping out summer dresses for sweaters or storing a wedding gown, climate-controlled storage can keep your clothes in good shape. The last thing you want is mold and mildew finding their way to your clothing in storage, especially if they’ll be sitting unattended for several months. Using plastic storage bins instead of cardboard boxes also prevents moisture from reaching your clothing, but climate control is the best option for keeping fabrics dry. If your wardrobe is important enough to store, then it deserves climate control.


Whether your storage needs include indoor, outdoor, or yes even climate controlled, AA1 Sussex County, NJ Storage has got you covered. Call or email us today for the current specials on our all ground floor units. Some of our amenities include clean, safe, secure storage with computerized gate access and state of the art surveillance.


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