How to Store Everything from A to Z

There is an art to self-storage, or maybe it is more of a science. Whatever it is, there are two ways to store things, the right way and the not so good way. Doing it properly and with some careful thought will ensure that your stacks of boxes will not fall over and possibly hurt you or your other things. If you’d like the peace of mind that comes with locking up your stuff without having to worry about what it’ll look like when you take it out again keep reading. We have tips on how to store everything, literally everything, from A to Z.


Ensure anything fragile, like a framed artwork or a mirror, is properly padded with blankets or pillows before loading.


Pack books flat to avoid damaging their spines. Avoid filling an entire box full of dense novels. It makes the box too heavy for most people to lift.


Stack lightweight chairs “seat to seat”, but avoid stacking other types of furniture on top of each other. Cover all upholstery with light cotton dust covers.


Use dresser tops for stacking lightweight boxes, and dresser drawers for small fragile items.


Keep a list of everything you have packed, with an estimate of its current replacement value. For high-value items, it would be wise to take photos. These can both be helpful in the case of loss or damage.


Just say NO! Do not store flammable items such as fireworks or gasoline.


Burn off all traces of food and clean grill racks, clean and dry exterior and remove fuel source such as propane before putting in your unit.

Holiday Decor

Holiday decorations can be stored in their original cartons. Wrap glass ornaments and other delicate items in bubble wrap or newspaper before storing in boxes or totes.


Take an inventory of everything you load into your storage unit. Not only will this help you remember whether your totally rockin’ vinyl collection is in the storage unit or your attic, but an itemized list is extremely handy should anything get damaged and you need to file an insurance claim.

Jet Skis (and other motor-toys)

Batteries can lose their charge over time so it’s important to remove the battery from watercraft to ensure that there is no draw over the offseason.

Kitchen Appliances

When storing any kitchen appliance with an open back area, protect this area to avoid attracting vermin.


Wrap lamp bases in bubble wrap or moving blankets and pack them in a box designed for storing lamps. Wrap lamp shades in a cotton cover or loose plastic wrap and pack in a box.


Store your clean, dry mattress inside a protective cover. To maximize space, store your mattress vertically and avoid placing anything on top. Prevent mold growth on your mattress with climate control.

No Newspaper!

Do not use newspaper to pack with. The ink from the newspaper can transfer to glass or porcelain and cause permanent damage to the finish. Also, a newspaper does not offer adequate protection from breakage.

Outdoor Furniture

Clean your outdoor and patio furniture and dry thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew.


If storing photographs, consider a climate-controlled unit where temperature fluctuations will not damage your photos. If you do store loose photographs, place them between pieces of clean cardboard and consider taping them together to avoid curling.

Quilts and Other Bedding

Lay clean quilts and bedding in a flat storage box, along with a container of desiccant (e.g. silica gel) to absorb moisture.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Defrost refrigerators and freezers, and make sure they’re completely dry before storage. Keep things dry and fresh by wiping some baking soda inside appliances, and leaving the doors slightly ajar.


If you have room to store a sofa flat, then a loveseat can be placed upside down on top of the sofa, with a table stacked on top of that.


Reserve a climate-controlled storage unit for storing liquid screen TVs and computer monitors. They can freeze and break with extreme climate changes.

Upholstered Furniture

If you’re storing upholstered furniture, consider investing in covers, bags or sheeting for additional protection. Storage and moving facilities often sell large heavy-duty bags for this purpose.


Before storing your auto or small-engine vehicle, remove as much gasoline from the fuel tank as possible.


Use furniture polish on wood surfaces for added protection, wipe down tools and other metal objects with a little oil.

eXpensive Items

High value items are often delicate in nature. Climate controlled storage units are recommended to keep them well preserved.

Your Needs

Store any items you may need at the front of the unit, and your valuables out of sight, at the back

Zip It Up

Store all bolts, nuts, and screws to any dismantled items in a zip-lock bag and tape it to the item you have removed them from


Although there are many things you can store in an Ogdensburg self-storage unit, there are some that you absolutely shouldn’t. We do not allow anything containing combustible chemicals like paint thinner, paint, or gasoline. Food or other perishable items are also discouraged unless you have a climate-controlled unit. Even pet items like bagged pet food, treats or rawhide could attract unwanted visitors to the self-storage unit.  Questions about storing your items? Reach out to us.


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