Small Space Living: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

If there is one trend here in Sussex County, NJ that we won’t see the end of anytime soon, it’s small space living. For some, like city dwellers, it’s a necessity. For others, it’s a lifestyle choice. And while people with large homes may have difficulty filling every room, they’ll never understand the small-space struggles like determining the necessity of say a dining table. Whether you’re there by choice or by circumstance, making your small space work for you is important. In this post, we provide simple tips and ideas on how to live in small spaces.

Look to the Light

If sufficient wall or floor space is wanting, use a light fixture as your statement piece. Whether you’re turned on by something funky or old-fashioned, the ceiling-mounted fixture won’t take up valuable real estate. Bonus: More light brightens up the smallest of spaces.

Don’t Be Afraid to Divide

Sectioning off space in your already small home may seem counterintuitive but it’s a practice in prioritization. If you’re willing to forgo some living room space to create a home office, for instance, section it off. DIY a divider with a curtain rod and dreamy drapes, a standing bookcase, or scour flea markets for an antique screen.

Go Corner to Corner

One of the secrets to living in small spaces is to make the most of the corners of the rooms. By placing furniture like tables or desks in the corners and doubling up with shelving as both a decorative and storage hack, you allow the rest of the room to feel more open.

Double Up on Furniture (Really)

Select furniture pieces that double as storage for extra linens, gift wrap or kids’ toys. Good pieces to look for are ottomans and coffee tables with a hinged lid that lifts to reveal hidden storage space. Speaking of, ottomans also make great coffee tables in themselves, giving you even more room in your living room. After accumulating a small collection of these multi-functional pieces, you’ll find it hard to ever purchase single duty furniture ever again.

Get Off the Floor

There’s plenty of valuable real estate all over your home, not just on the floor. Shelves, cabinets and even simple, cheap pegboard racks can get your belongings organized while keeping them from taking up your limited floor or counter space.

Painless Pantry

No space for a pantry? No problem! Just outfit a utilitarian shelving system with breathable baskets that can hold everything from produce to bulky bags of dry goods like flour and sugar. For even more flexibility, try a wire basket storage cart equipped with casters, which make it possible to roll it out of sight when not in use.

Still need more space in your home after all of these small space tips and hacks? We got them. When you have less space to work with, you’re likely going to have to live with less stuff. Donating clothes, getting rid of clutter, and throwing away broken items that you still haven’t fixed are a few great places to start. To downsize your belongings to match your smaller living space, check out our tips on how to declutter your home. Of course there will always be items that you may not have room for, but definitely, don’t want to get rid of. That’s where we come in. We offer great local and convenient Ogdensburg, NJ storage.


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