Tiny Apartment, Big Potential

Whether you are a college student venturing out on your own, a downsizing adult, or someone who really likes small living, organizing a small space is no simple task. The best thing you can do is make a plan before you move-in, to ensure your apartment stays tidy. From organizational furniture to storage tips and tricks, these ideas will give your tiny apartment big potential!

Begin Where You Enter

You don’t need a lot of square footage to designate an organized entryway. All you really need is a drop zone for coats, shoes, keys, and mail. With a few hooks and a tiny coat rack, you can utilize wall space and get easy small apartment organization.

Make Your Bed with a Bonus

Maximize the space under your bed by storing clothing, shoes, books, and more! From under bed boxes to shoe organizers, there’s a variety of under bed storage options. Or you can make your own platform bed with storage drawers or cubbies to store scarves, sweaters, shoes, and anything else that needs a spot! This project from Lowe’s is one of our favorites.

Let’s Get Vertical

From over-the-door shoe organizers to wire kitchen door and wall racks, investing in these easy-to-use tools goes a long way in preventing clutter from overtaking your apartment. That’s because they make storage space out of thin air. And don’t be held to their intended use. A shoe organizer can work just as well for organizing art supplies, keeping cold-weather accessories handy, or keeping your cleaning products close at hand. The same can be said with those handy wall rack systems. Just think outside the box or rather, the organizer.

Don’t Forget the Drawers

The best way to avoid clutter in your kitchen, bathrooms, and closets? Just add drawer organizers. Not only will those little organizing inserts help keep everything organized and in place, but it will also prevent you from losing items and buying them again. Drawer organizers can be used to hold utensils, sewing materials, toiletries, kitchen necessities, jewelry, makeup and more.

And Always Declutter

The best way to avoid clutter in a small apartment is by not having clutter in the first place. That means purging any and all unnecessary items. From clothes that no longer fit, to outdated furniture from your college days, it may finally be time to cut the dead weight. Fortunately, it’s easy to do. Consider giving furniture to your local donation organization. Or, sell your gently-used items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.
Of course, there will always be items that you may not have room for, but definitely, don’t want to get rid of. That’s where we come in. We offer great local and convenient Ogdensburg, NJ storage for all those items that don’t fit in your small space, but that you wouldn’t dare part with.


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