Storing Childhood Treasures

At some point in our lives, we’ve all watched Toy Story and cried over Andy’s decision to get rid of his favorite childhood toys because he had grown up. But how do we decide trash from treasure? Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know what to keep around.

No matter what age you are, winning is something that makes us all feel like we’re Superman. Instead of throwing away all of your elementary school trophies and ribbons, pick out the main eye candies and keep them around. Most importantly, sometimes, we all need assurance that we are appreciated, so definitely keep that “Student of the Month” certificate and be proud!

Someday, your fridge is going to be decorated with your children’s artwork, and they’re going to be beyond proud. Guess how much prouder they’re going to be if they see your childhood artwork hanging right up there next to theirs. That would not only provide them with inspiration and influence, but they’ll be showing off your work like you’re Picasso to all of their friends. So keep that finger painting from kindergarten and flaunt it!

The biggest trash no-no is yearbooks. You spent over $20 for that stack of papers so you better protect it with your life. Someday, you’re going to want to show your children when mom had that crazy hair back in the 80s. So place them proudly on your bookshelf. Feel free to compare your “then” and “now”.

There are many things that we shouldn’t hoard, but tend to do anyway. But anything that makes you feel alive and happy and is sentimental to you, you should keep. As always, thank you to everyone who trusts their treasures to us at your Ogdensburg, NJ storage facility.


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