Our Guide to Living Minimal in 2020

Living in the 21st century means that we are constantly being exposed to the “more” in life. More room, more money, more time. But in 2020 we think that less might be the new more. A minimalist lifestyle may not be for everyone. But in this frantic world, many of our Ogdensburg, NJ storage customers are feeling that call — the yearning to have less, to spend less, to do less, to need less. If you’re ready to make the move from more to less, start with our guide to living minimally in 2020.

Focus on what matters.

Minimalizing is all about finding what matters most in your life. As soon as you pledge to cut back and live with less, you free up the time ordinarily spent shopping or attempting to keep up to date with the latest fleeting trends. Cutting back means you get to embrace what you have, focus on the simple things that bring you joy, and use your free time to explore the hobbies and meet the people that make you smile. As you move into a minimalist lifestyle, keep this in mind.

Declutter every area of your home.

This seems pretty obvious, but it can be the most painful step for those who have an attachment to many of their items. Start slow and purposely. Throw out or donate everything you obviously don’t need first, like things you haven’t touched in months or years. Then take and hide everything  you think you could do without for a few months. This will give yourself the detachment needed to give them away. You can use that motivation to gather the courage to take decluttering to the ultimate minimalist level.

Store the things you can’t part with.

We all inevitably own items that we cherish but don’t have space for in our home. Minimalist living has no room for these things, and putting them into storage can be a great solution. Allow us to come to the rescue with this. Self-storage is not as expensive or intimidating as many people think. Check out the best self-storage deals in Sussex County here.

Think before you buy new things.

One of the biggest components of minimalist living is giving ample thought to the things you purchase. Before you grab that new pair of jeans that are on sale, stop to ask yourself why you feel the impulse to buy it. That being said, when you do need or want to buy something, make sure it’s a quality item. Investing your money and time into finding things that are built to last will ensure you don’t have to shop as often to replace your worn-down or broken belongings.

Borrow, don’t buy.

Make your library your new best friend. Nowadays many public libraries have an app to make borrowing even easier. Whether it’s e-books and audiobooks or the glossy pages of your favorite magazines, odds are, your public library branch has it. Not only do you save some mammoth amounts of cash this way, once you finish, it’s also out of your hands and your home.

Living minimally is a lifestyle choice. But even if you are not seeking that sort of lifestyle you can still benefit from a minimalist mindset. No one has unlimited space and resources. And everyone can benefit from being free of clutter. Just remember, items that you want to save but do not have room for can be kept in your self-storage unit. We have a variety of unit sizes that can fit your needs that can help you get started with your living minimal!


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