Our Favorite Organizing DIY Projects for Your Home

Organizing your home can be very challenging, especially when you are busy enjoying the sunshine and weekend beach life of summer! However, you can make sure all of the bathing suits, beach toys, flip flops, and other summer essentials are in the right place with a few quick and easy DIY projects. Of course, we would never suggest wasting your time searching Pinterest for just the right project. Instead, we have assembled all of our favorite organizing DIY projects for every room in your home all in one place. And that place is right here:

The Bathroom

Bathroom storage ideas include makeup organizers, drawer organizers and under-cabinet bathroom storage that help exploit the most unlikely spaces. These bathroom organization ideas will help you keep your towels, toilet paper, and toiletries in order. Make the most of those small spaces with these DIYs!

Use a hanging organizer for your makeup. This is one of our favorite ways to reclaim your beloved counter space. Stick a small hanging organizer (often used for shoes) on the back of a door to make clutter a thing of the past.

Use a tension rod underneath the sink to hang spray bottles. Having cleaning supplies handy is always helpful for those quick bathroom clean-ups (especially if unexpected guests show up!). The only problem is most bathrooms are too tight on under sink space to store window cleaner, counter spray, and all the other various necessities. That’s why we love this easy idea to utilize the space above the bottom of the cabinet. Who would’ve thought?!

Use dollar store containers for an easy drawer organizer. These small plastic baskets are the perfect size to organize lotions, creams, sprays, sunscreen, powder, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and travel size products.

The Kitchen

What makes a great kitchen is not the space it contains, but how you organize it. These tricks reveal your kitchen’s hidden storage potential — no matter how much space you have (or don’t have).

Use a lazy-Susan in the fridge for easy access. What’s a summer barbecue without all the condiments? Store them in your refrigerator on a turntable, and you will be able to find the ketchup when you need it easily.

Tension rods as baking organizers. These versatile tools are good for more than under sink storage. Using several sets of them across the bottom cabinet in a kitchen is the best way to utilize vertical space by allowing you to store cooking sheets and cutting boards upright.

Use shallow plastic tubs as pretend pull out shelves. Grouping together like kitchen tools and using labels will make this even more convenient.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is meant for rest, so it should be peaceful, and the biggest barrier to peace is usually clutter. Whether your bedroom is small or large, these DIY ideas will help you keep everything in its place, leaving you a calm and serene space to relax in.

Hang glasses from a clothes hanger. Does anyone else have a summer sunglass obsession? Hopefully, it’s not just us. This is one of the best ways we have found to keep track of them, so you can easily find the perfect pair to match that cool summer outfit.

Hang bags and purses using shower curtain hooks. Sunglasses are not the only things that are abundant in the summer. Pool totes, beach bags, bright purses, backpacks for hiking… basically a lot of bags. They can easily be hung and stored in a closet using these hooks.

Keep clothes from slipping off hangers with pipe cleaners. Those fancy velvet hangers that we see all over organizing blogs are nice. The only problem is to replace all the hangers in your closet will probably cost you a pretty penny. We love this easy and (most importantly) inexpensive alternative.

Create a sweet display with a cake stand. While this blogger utilizes it for her perfume collection, this idea can be utilized for a variety of clutter that covers a dresser or nightstand.


Organization in any room of the house also includes a certain amount of decluttering. Packing away infrequently used objects and clothing is the best way to tidy up. That, of course, leaves the problem of what to do with your neatly packed boxes. Allow us to come to the rescue with this. Self-storage is not as expensive or intimidating as many people think. Check out the best self-storage deals in Sussex County here.


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