Keeping Keepsakes

It is only a few weeks into the school year and you already may be inundated with special projects that you want to treasure forever.  IE finger paintings, “What I Did on my Summer Vacation” essays, popsicle stick sculptures, self-portraits, etc… But what do you do to ensure that these things are really around THAT long? That’s where AA-1 Self Storage can help! We have Franklin, NJ mini storage units that give you just the right amount of space to keep all those cherished goods and anything else that you may need a place for.

There is plenty of room in our Sparta, NJ climate controlled storage units. However, most people find that over time they have more keepsakes than they want, and deciding what to keep and what to toss is always a bit tricky. Here are some ideas to help you narrow things down.

The “Awww” Effect: Try to look at each piece and ask yourself what really tugs at your heart strings. The things that really make you say, “Awww” are the keepers!

Family, Friends, and Fond Memories: Keep the essays/artworks/etc. that have a personal topic, they are more likely to be meaningful to both you and your children when you look back at them in the years to come.

Ditch the Duplicates: If your child is crazy about cats you will probably notice that a vast majority of their projects center around their favorite fur balls. Don’t feel like you need to keep each and every one! Every year narrow your children’s things down to a few favorite paintings, papers, projects, and pieces.

Take Some Time Away: Maybe it’s too soon. Maybe right now you are looking at all of your precious little ones’ masterpieces and it ALL just seems too important to get rid of! That is one of the great benefits of having those things stored safely and close by in our Newton, NJ storage facility. You can keep as many things as you want to now and can always come back and sort through things later. A little time should make it easier to decide what you really want to hang on to.

When your children are adults they will thank you for taking the time to organize their special mementos! Let our staff at AA-1 Self Storage help!

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