How to Make the Most of Your Small Space

It doesn’t matter your home’s size — if it feels small to you, it’s a small space. Whether you live in a tiny dorm room, a spacious apartment, or a beautiful home with limited square footage, adjusting to a small living space can be difficult. Every small living space has its own unique set of challenges and benefits. However, there are some universal ways to comfortably settle into a small living space without spending a fortune. This includes, preventing clutter from piling up and making a home (no matter it’s size) feel more spacious. How do you get that spacious feeling? Here are our top tips that might make your small space more enjoyable to live in.

Create Zones

Think about all the things you do in your space. We eat, sleep, work and relax all within a certain square footage. The best way to make a small space more usable is to set up separate areas for performing these distinct tasks. Instead of walls, think subtle separations which can help the space feel larger. You can induce a sense of “rooms” with multiple seating areas, a tented or curtained bed, a window seat or built-in dining table, or even simply with separate rugs.

Think Multifunction

Choose elements that can serve a multitude of purposes. Find a table that can function as both a desk and a dining table. Get daybeds or a sleeper sofa that can double as guest beds. A storage ottoman can act as an extra seat, a side table, and a stealthy storage place. Invest your money in pieces that can be rearranged to transform the use of a room: Murphy beds, folding chairs, collapsible or nesting tables. Pieces like nesting tables take up less space than conventional furniture when not in use. These are the types of furniture you should invest in. And put furniture on casters, so it’s easy to move. When furniture shopping the first thing you should thinking about is choosing furnishings and decorative elements that offer maximum functionality in minimal square footage.

Create an Illusion

Create an impression of expansiveness by exploiting decorative trickery. Think floor to ceiling curtains that make your ceilings seem higher. See through furnishings has the benefit of being minimalistic to the eye and fitting in with any color scheme. And, strategically placed mirrors give the appearance of spaciousness. Although it may seem counterintuitive you can also furnish a small space with a few large-scale pieces (rather than a large amount of small size furniture). It can actually make a space feel grander.

Organize and Hide

If your space doesn’t have much in the way of closets, create storage space where there is none. Choose a bed with high legs or built in under-bed storage, and store items underneath. If your kitchen cabinets don’t extend all the way to the ceiling, store entertaining pieces like a punch bowls or oversize platters in the space between the cabinet and the ceiling. Also keep in mind, if you’re keeping your personal items in hidden storage areas, make an inventory while putting things away and document where it is stored. That way, when you need to find your wrapping paper to prepare a gift, you can consult your notes and quickly remember where you stored it months before.

Let in Light

Nothing makes a small space look smaller like dark corners. Light brightens and visually opens up any space. So, making the most of it will trick you into feeling like your space is bigger than it actually is. Open shelving in kitchens or upper cabinets with glass doors on both sides allow light to stream in. If you are unfortunate to have a room with no windows what so ever, try using semi-opaque walls or dividers to bring a little of the light from the next room into the first one. Another way of lighting up a windowless room is to hang mirrors on white (or off-white) and well illuminated walls. Glossy surfaces, glass items and mirrors reflect the light, making the room look larger than it is.

Utilize Self Storage

If your space is a little too tight extend it with a self-storage unit. Free up the little storage space you do have by keeping your seasonal items in a storage unit. In a seasonal climate (like ours), your wardrobe has two seasons. Your bulky winter wardrobe can be stored during the spring and summer. Bicycle and outdoor sports equipment and tools can be stored in the winter months when you are less likely to use it on a frequent basis. Self-storage is also a great place to keep all of your holiday decorations when not in use.

When you need to make more room in your small space (no matter the size), reach out to us. We have the customer service, deals, and space that you are looking for!


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