Holiday Decoration Storage 101

You’ve just packed up your Halloween decorations when all of a sudden, you see Santa Clause lighting up your neighbor’s front yard. You shiver at the thought of having to go down to the basement and pick out that box of tangled up Christmas lights and ornaments. Luckily for you, we have a solution for you so that next year, you won’t be dreading the unloading process, but embracing it.

Ziploc bags are your best friend in any situation, especially the holiday situation. You can put tiny items such as ornaments, small lights, and that precious angel or star that’s going to be gracing the top of your tree. Label each bag and chuck them (not literally) into that once dreaded box. Having small bags for each item is a lot easier and more time efficient than having to dig through piles of everything tangled together.

Have you been throwing away your used paper towel rolls? How dare you? Take that roll out of the trash and wrap your Christmas lights around it! This prevents your yards of lights from tangling up together and taking them out is easy, peasy. After you’ve rolled the lights around the roll, just put it into a plastic tin and don’t look at them until you need them.

The last and most useful technique for storing your holiday decorations is buying stock in cardboard boxes and plastic bins. These will not only help you to get rid of clutter, but they will be your best friend, every holiday season. Not only can you put those small Ziploc bags in them, but you can hide those ugly Christmas sweaters in them until you need to take them out for that famous family photo!

These are a few of many storing techniques that you can use to help make life a little easier for you around the holidays. Now, instead of having broken, or ruined decorations that you have to replace each year, you can rest easy knowing that you have stacks of paper towel roll lights somewhere in the house.

If you don’t have room in your attic or basement for these items, we would love to be your Sussex County, NJ storage solution.


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