Getting Organized: Part I

SelfStorageUnitSpartaNJSo you’ve taken a crucial step and are moving to getting organized..and you’ve decided to invest in a self-storage unit in our Sparta, NJ area! However, before you move your valuable belongings in, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Read on!

STEP 1 – Packing with a Plan

  • When you are packing things up resist the urge to just throw everything in boxes to speed the process up. This lack of planning will only make things much more difficult when, at some point, you need to unpack those boxes.
  • Take the time to sort items into categories that work for you. If you need the storage only temporarily and will be unpacking everything at the same time, then consider packing items into boxes by room. If you are going to be keeping some things in storage long term and unpacking some things sooner, then package the items together based on when you think you will need to access them.
  • Label all of the boxes well so that it is easy to find things later! You may remember everything now, but it is amazing how quickly all the boxes will start to look the same!
  • What about the things that don’t fit into boxes? Figure out what furniture and larger items you will be storing. Cover all of those things while they are in storage.

STEP 2 – Make a Floor Plan

  • Once your things are packed up and you have taken note of all of the larger items that you have to store that won’t fit into boxes, then it is time to figure out how you are going to organize your things in your Ogdensburg, NJ storage unit.
  • Figure out exactly how you will arrange your items. (This will also help you to figure out what size storage unit you need.)
  • Make a plan by drawing it out or even by using paper to make little shapes that represent the items you need to store that you can move around.
  • Keep things in your storage unit away from the center to create an aisle way down the middle so that you can get into the back a little more easily if you need to.
  • It is important to try to keep your plans to scale so that your plans will really work when you are actually moving your items into your storage unit in Hamburg, NJ.

STEP 3 – Be Creative

  • Use your bigger items and furniture.
  • Some of those things may be able to be used to help maximize your storage space.
  • Tables can provide a place to stack boxes both above and below.
  • Cabinets and refrigerators should be utilized as an additional storage space so that there isn’t wasted space inside of them.
  • But…be careful with big furniture like couches and loveseats. The softness of the cushions will make it difficult to stack boxes on top without possibly damaging the fabric or risking the boxes toppling over.

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