Budget-Friendly Organization Ideas

It’s true! Everyone feels better in an organized home. Physical clutter can cause stress and leave you less focused. The problem is most of our… storage customers assume that keeping their home organized is going to cost them some serious cash. We beg to differ though! Here are several budget-friendly organization ideas to get you started on your organized home.

Mason jars are both classy and versatile, allowing you to organize just about anything in your household right in plain sight. These cute little jars can store a variety of small household items, from batteries to matches. Use Mason jars to collect office supplies such as pens, pencils or paperclips. The best thing is you can get many jars for free… just take a look in your fridge! Soak off the labels of that pickle jar and run it in the dishwasher, and you’ll have a clean clutter collector.

The key to keeping your staying organized is decluttering. And the key to decluttering is to treat it as an ongoing project instead of a once-a-year effort. Keep a bag or box for donations inside your closet, so you can evaluate and make decisions about what to keep or donate every time you get dressed!

You may not realize it, but empty toilet paper rolls are one of the most useful things in your home. These cardboard tubes can be used for everything from seed pots to pet toys. One of our favorite uses is cord control. Avoid that big jumble of cords by wrapping each cord up and tucking it inside an empty toilet paper roll to keep it tangle-free when it isn’t in use.

You’ve probably seen those fancy (and expensive) pantry organizers that store your canned goods for you. But did you know you can get the same storage for free? Use empty soda can boxes instead. This is particularly helpful if you like to stock up. Just use one box to organize each type of canned good. And to make them attractive, use wrapping paper to cover the exterior.

Those fancy wrapping paper storage containers are great, but they can be expensive. Instead, use a dollar store wastebasket or inexpensive five-gallon bucket. Basically, any tall-sided container can harness all those rolls of wrapping paper and tuck easily into a closet.

Who doesn’t have a load of spare magnets stuck to their fridge? We sure do. There are many uses for magnets when it comes to home organization. Do your bobby pins always seem to disappear? Simply attach a magnetic to the inside of a drawer with hot glue. This creates an easy way to your store bobby pins, hair clips, tweezers, and manicure tools that might go missing otherwise.

Plastic pocket shoe organizers are expensive and can be used to organize anything and everything. They can hang conveniently on the back of a door and hold large amounts in a tight space. From makeup to cleaning products or snacks for each day of the week, just slip it right into a pocket.

Whether you take it slowly over the course of a few weeks or plan to tackle it in one weekend, committing to stay organized will keep it up throughout the year. As you know, things easily pile up around the house but the more on top of it you stay, the easier it is to sustain. And remember we are always here to help our Sussex County, NJ storage units are priced to fit everyone’s budget! Take a look at our storage deals and specials to get you started on your path to an organized home.


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