Making a Move Easier for Your Kids

Moving is stressful. It’s a fact. For kids though, it can have even more added emotions. Young children might idealize their old house and get emotional about leaving it, and teenagers might become moody during the transition. Us grown-ups have the ability to “make the best of it” and focus on the positive changes or employment that will come from a move, but kids may not have the ability to do that yet. Here are some expert provided suggestions that will help make a move easier for you and your kids.

Take Time, Ahead of Time

Things happen, but the more you can plan your move ahead of time, with plenty of time to pack, hire a moving truck or a company, and get settled in your new home before big events like the start of school, the happier your family will be.

This is partially because it will reduce your stress levels, but also because your kids will get time to adjust to the idea of their move. They can talk to their friends, exchange contact information, and make sure that they feel like they are both heading to a new adventure even as they’re leaving something behind.

Rushing around at the last minute trying to find packing boxes makes a move miserable for everyone.

Give Them Something to Look Forward To

Designing their new room can be a fun project that will give them a sense of control in one aspect of the move. Bring home paint swatches so that your child can choose a color. Then make it an art project: Have her paste snapshots of their bed and furniture onto a sheet of construction paper to plan their new layout.

Preserve Your Memories

This is a fun, comforting activity for younger kids. Make a memory box or book about the house or neighborhood you are leaving. Include photos, drawings, and memorabilia from schools and friends.  As parents of teens probably know, older kids typically derive more identity from friends than family. For them, throw a goodbye party where they can say goodbye to their friends and make plans to stay in touch.

Organize Special Items

When you pack, there are certain items you know you’ll need right away – that book on your nightstand, a couple nights of dishes, and toiletry items, for example.  For kids, those items might be a favorite toy, bedding, and other things that give them comfort. Having them pack a special box or bag with these items and keeping it close by (like in the car on the drive) will help you make sure that you’re not spending the first night in a new house without your child’s favorite bedtime toy.

Let Them Be Less Than Happy

As a parent, you want your child to be happy, it’s easy to want to see them delighted by the opportunity a new move can have. Emotions, however, are rarely so simple. The urge to brush off feelings of sadness or worry by focusing on the positive is understandable but misguided. Negative emotions are valid and present for good reasons, and listening to them helps family members feel heard and calmer. Instead of trying to fix their feelings, empathize.

Moves can be big and stressful and frustrating for all of us. Using these tips can help you make sure that your move is as peaceful and family-friendly as possible. For more great Sussex County, NJ moving, packing and self-storage tips to help ease the transition visit our website here.


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