Just the Two of Us: Tips for Moving in Together

It’s wedding season here in Sparta, NJ. It also happens to be moving season. Coincidence? We think not. Moving in together is a huge transition for any relationship. Whether you’re a few months into dating or about to get married, there are a lot of little things to work out before taking this major step forward. Here are our best tips for making your move-in experience go as smoothly as possible!

Too Soon?

When should you move in together? There’s a lot of advice regarding ideal move-in timelines, but ultimately the best time is unique for every couple. For some, that could be after a few months. For others, that might be a few years into a relationship. For those about to get married, making the move before the big day can prevent a frantic post-honeymoon schedule. Still, for other soon-to-be spouses, it might be better to hold off until after the wedding. It all depends on what feels right for both you and your partner!

It’s Not All About Merging Furniture

The first thing you should do before packing those boxes, is talk about your finances. This allows you to set aside money for the move, and it also gives you a chance to discuss bills, savings, and other monetary expectations that can ease future tensions. Creating a system for bills, opening a joint checking account, and being honest about budgeting goals will make your first few months living together go a lot smoother!

Making Compromises

You hate cooking. Your partner hates washing dishes. One of the benefits of cohabitation is that you can split up chores! But when it comes to chores both of you hate doing—cleaning the toilet, folding the laundry, getting the groceries, or taking out the recycling—there might be a few concessions to make. While it’s nearly impossible to reach a 50/50 comprise with chores, you can still develop a plan you both agree on so resentments don’t build. Use this comprehensive chore list to determine daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, as well as who’s going to handle each one.

Double the Stuff!

Combining households requires efficient organization and streamlined decor. If you’re embracing small space living, trying to maximize your studio apartment, or moving in together with kids, making the most of your space will be extra important. Furniture with hidden storage, strategic room layouts, and refraining from over-decorating are all ideas that can help you utilize your living space well. Rather than start a big fight or live with regret over getting rid of something important, consider putting furniture, keepsakes, and household items you’re on the fence about in one of our Sussex County self-storage units. This advice for couples moving in together is also helpful if you plan to move into a bigger home in the next few years!


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