5 Things You Need to Know About Moving in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the best states in America, in our humble opinion. New Jersey consists of three regions – North, Central, and South Jersey. Each one of these three parts has unique geography and culture. Moving to or in New Jersey can feel like an adventure in itself. And sometimes you don’t know where to start your adventure. Well, start here. These are the 5 things you need to know about moving in New Jersey.

Renting Has its Benefits

If you are moving from a high-population metropolitan area, you are probably used to expensive rental rates. Most people move to the state because, on average, renting a one-bedroom in Jersey City or Hoboken is cheaper than say renting a one-bedroom in Manhattan. But buying a house in New Jersey is another story. That’s because property taxes are, well, insane. So always do your research before you decide to purchase and move. A rental might be a better fit for your budget.

Don’t Be Afraid to Move During Winter

Moving during winter sounds crazy but it can be (and is) done; even in our cold Sussex County, NJ climate. In winter, the number of moves is few and far between. That means, by moving during the winter, you could save some major money on the cost of your professional move. And to boost your discount potential further, schedule your move during the week (not on the weekend) and toward the middle of the month. That’s when moving company schedules are generally the lightest.

You only have a few months to change your NJ ID.

As a resident of NJ, you will need an update NJ driver’s license within 60 days after moving and an NJ ID. Also, you need to update registration your vehicle. You also have 60 days to do it. New to the state? A moving permit is not necessary when moving to New Jersey. However, you should know local parking restrictions exist in many cities. If you wish to vote, you should register at least 21 days before an election. You need to send a hard copy of the application to your County Commissioner of Registration.

There are so many great places to live in NJ!

Just to name a few:

  • Trenton – the capital; government is the predominant sector in Trenton; other notable sectors include trade, services, and manufacturing.
  • Newark – the biggest city in the Garden State and a transportation and shipping port.
  • Elizabeth – a transportation and commercial center.
  • Paterson – its popularity as a tourist hot spot is increasing.
  • Atlantic City, Ocean City, and Cape May – wealthy, sea resort towns.
  • Princeton – a wonderful place to raise a family with access to excellent schools, universities, an impressive public library, and healthy food straight from the farm.
  • Heathcote, Ridgewood and Chatham – also smaller, quieter towns, well connected with big cities.

Self-Storage in New Jersey is the Best.

No, we’re not biased. Never mind we are, but our Sparta, New Jersey storage facility can help with your New Jersey move. All you need to do is gather up your possessions and store them for safekeeping until you’re ready for them to come out and make an appearance in your new home.


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