3 Reasons Why You Should Move during the Winter

Sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Moving during winter sounds crazy but it can be (and is) done; even in our cold Sussex County, NJ climate. But usually it’s not by choice. We would like to make the argument, however, that moving during the cold months might actually be one of the best times to move! We know you’re saying to yourself right about now “that’s crazy” but hear us out. Here are our three reasons why you should move during the winter.

Reason No. 1: You’ll save some serious cash.

Do we need to say more? Ok, let us explain then. There’s a fluctuation to the moving business. Business usually climaxes in the summer (when the weather is warm), then starts to subside in the fall, when the back-to-school grind begins. By winter, the number of moves are few and far between. You see where we’re going with this: By moving during the winter, you could save some major money on the cost of your professional move. And to boost your discount potential further, schedule your move during the week (not on the weekend) and toward the middle of the month. That’s when moving company schedules are generally the lightest.

Reason No. 2: The freedom of choice.

Not only do January and February bring cost savings, but they also can mean much more flexibility in scheduling your move.

If you’ve had to move during peak season, you may have found that trying to find a company free on the exact day and time you need them is not always easy. Some of the most popular moving companies are booked solid for the entire summer. So, a last-minute move has no chance. But if you move in the winter, all of the not-as-smart-as-you folks won’t be vying for the movers’ attention. You’ll have more freedom to schedule your move when you want—even at the last minute.

Reason No. 3: Your belongings will thank you.

The summer can be hot, and humid, and did we mention hot? And while it may not be scorching hot the temperatures outside are nothing compared to those inside a moving truck or even the trunk of your own car.  Of course, you’ll take extra care to pack your stuff, but one slip-up could mean goodbye to your fragile vinyl record collection. The cold meanwhile? Is not nearly as damaging to your precious items.

Now that we have convinced you that moving during the winter is not such a bad thing (and heck, may even be the BEST time to move), we wouldn’t just leave it at that. We also have some awesome tips for moving during the cold months that you can find here.


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