History Behind the German Christmas Market

The Annual Lake Mohawk German Christmas Market was a small idea brought forth by a group of volunteers trying to make a difference in the State of New Jersey. The Christmas Market was started up in order to help fund small, local charities. Today, it is the largest Annual Christmas market in New Jersey and the only one that donates all of its profits back to the community. It has not only become a saving grace, but an annual tradition for the people in Sussex County.

The event holds the interest of many people from German descent because the surrounding countryside of Lake Mohawk is a major attraction for German immigrants. The architecture of the countryside and the local shops show the major pride that the Germans have as well as the influence that was brought back from Germany. The volunteers formed the market as a sort of German euphoria, bringing back the much loved tradition into America.

Originally, the market was held completely on the boardwalk of the Lake Mohawk Country Club. It usually opened after the traditional Tree-Lighting ceremony on the first Friday of December. As the reputation of the market grew and news of the amazing tradition grew, the number of visitors increased and the market attracted more attention from the outside world. It was no longer a “small town idea” but more of a nostalgic feel for everyone that comes from German ancestry.

As support and tourism increased in the small town, the market was expanded into various areas of the town such as the Lake Mohawk Country Club Ballroom, a  Deutsche Café, White Deer Plaza, and more. The town thrived on the attention and the weekends became the most looked forward to days. More entertainment was added, and the establishments took the German vibe a step further by offering a German menu for the entire day.

Today, the small market is no longer a small market, but a weekend filled with entertainment, laughter, traditional food, and family. The small group of volunteers had no idea that thirteen years later, their idea would become a pilgrimage to not only the people of Sussex County, but the entire country as well as the country of Germany.

Come on down next year and witness the amazing event that takes place in the Lake Mohawk German Christmas Market.  Check out our previous post about the German Market here.


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