DIY vs Hiring A Mover

When it comes to moving, AA1 understands the importance of your possessions and how hiring a mover could potentially be a stressful process, especially when trying to find a mover that you can trust. Below, we’ve put together a few positives to hiring a moving company or potentially, moving your boxes yourself! The best part […]

The Importance Of Stuff

There’s a scene in the film Everything Is Illuminated in which the central character glances up to rows of zip lock bags tacked to the wall. Each zip lock bag is labeled with a name, and each contains an item belonging to the person whose name is written there. Ranging from q-tips to priceless jewels, […]

Downsizing: Coming To You This Summer

It’s time to tackle that basement, huh?  Your daughter is moving back for the summer, or you finally bought that treadmill, or you saw Storage Wars and remembered that your grandmother’s china is in one of the bins in the very back and is probably worth a million dollars.  Whatever the reason, this summer is […]

A New Chapter!

We are happy to announce that we, Keith and Brian Pokorny, have purchased AA1 Self Storage from the previous owner, Yoshimi Logan. We wish Yoshimi  and her husband nothing but the best in retirement in Florida. As new owners we will strive to make this a seamless transition for you, the customer. We will maintain […]

Hiring A Mover

Moving is an inevitable part of life. Whether you’re going away to school, moving houses, downsizing, etc., we all have to pack up our things and go at some point in our lives. But what happens when you have lots of things and not enough time to coordinate, pack it all up and move? You […]

Happy Organized New Year!

AA1 Self Storage is devoted to ensuring you a happy and organized new year. As a Sparta, NJ storage facility, nothing is more important to us than helping you stay organized. Whether it be within one of our units, or just a cool and efficient technique, we want only the best for our customers. Below, […]

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Wedding bells are in the air as February 14th draws closer and closer. Many couples like to tie the knot on the much anticipated date. Before marriage, however, simple adjustments regarding the merging of two people’s things must be made. The term “she comes with too much baggage” will never ring truer after he sees […]

New Year, New You!

“New year, new me.” This is the mantra that goes through nearly everyone’s head during the new year, but how many people actually stick to it? Almost none. The key to living a happier and easier life and sticking to that mantra lies within the confines of your closet and your dressers in a clutter […]

Giving Never Goes Out of Style

As the holiday season ends, people tend to stop giving back when this is the perfect time to donate to charity. With so many new gifts in our possession, our old ones are no longer paid attention to or are even cared about. Below are ideas of certain things that you can get rid of, […]

History Behind the German Christmas Market

The Annual Lake Mohawk German Christmas Market was a small idea brought forth by a group of volunteers trying to make a difference in the State of New Jersey. The Christmas Market was started up in order to help fund small, local charities. Today, it is the largest Annual Christmas market in New Jersey and […]

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