Don’t Clean Harder, Clean Smarter

Spring is just around the corner here in Sparta, NJ, and for many of us, that little ray of sunshine means it’s time to give our home a top-to-bottom buffing. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to become an all-season-long chore.  Don’t let the idea of spring cleaning overwhelm you. With our easy and manageable tips, […]

Making a Move Easier for Your Kids

Moving is stressful. It’s a fact. For kids though, it can have even more added emotions. Young children might idealize their old house and get emotional about leaving it, and teenagers might become moody during the transition. Us grown-ups have the ability to “make the best of it” and focus on the positive changes or […]

Small Space Living: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

If there is one trend here in Sussex County, NJ that we won’t see the end of anytime soon, it’s small space living. For some, like city dwellers, it’s a necessity. For others, it’s a lifestyle choice. And while people with large homes may have difficulty filling every room, they’ll never understand the small-space struggles […]

A Guide to Short-Term Post-Holiday Storage

A lot of our storage Sparta County, NJ customers get into the holiday spirit by decorating their homes with joyful items both inside and out. But since those decorations sit in boxes for the bulk of the year, it can be annoying to have them take up precious storage space in your apartment or house. […]

Organization Ideas for Kid Spaces (In Time for the Holidays!)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Especially if you are a kid. But if you’re like most parents you probably dread that extra load of “stuff” that always comes with the holiday season. The kiddos can’t keep their rooms clean now, and then add all those gifts from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends? […]

What to Do to Prep Your House for Fall

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting cooler. The kids are trudging off to school again, and leaves are falling from the trees. Yep, it’s official: autumn is here. Now’s the time to finish up any last-minute maintenance projects and get your home and yard ready. Here is your definitive to-do list […]

How to Store Everything from A to Z

There is an art to self-storage, or maybe it is more of a science. Whatever it is, there are two ways to store things, the right way and the not so good way. Doing it properly and with some careful thought will ensure that your stacks of boxes will not fall over and possibly hurt […]

10 Ideas to Put Your Extra Room to Good Use

So, you have an extra room in your house and you’re not sure what to do with it. Get excited! Whether you have a rarely used dining room, the kids are now grown and gone, or you just ended up with a spare room, this is a chance to think about your space in a […]

The Best of Summer in Sussex County, NJ

When we think of childhood Summers, we think of balmy nights chasing fireflies, walking barefoot on hot sand, and hours of fun with the family. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we can’t have just as much fun as the kids during our favorite season! There are endless activities you can do in our area […]

Straight Outta Storage

One thing we have learned from being the Sussex County, NJ storage business for so long is that you never know what you’ll find in a storage unit. People love to buy abandoned storage units. They enjoy rifling through others’ discarded junk in hopes that they will discover something valuable. What lies inside some of […]

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