Toys for Tots in New Jersey

Tis the season to collect toys for Toys for Tots… Ever curious to know a little more about this great organization? See below! About Toys For Tots The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve started the Toys for Tots Program. Their mission is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December every year. After all […]

Columbus Day in Ogdensburg, NJ

How well do you know Columbus Day? Take this quiz to find out. True or False: Columbus Day is only a US Holiday? When did Christopher Columbus land in the New World? True or False: Christopher Columbus was French. What government did Christopher Columbus work for? Where was Columbus trying to go? Yes or No: […]

What is Labor Day?

We hope everybody had a great Labor Day. Ever wonder what Labor Day is, besides just a day off? Here are some cool and interesting facts about this day. Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in September. It pays tribute to the myriad of achievements by American workers. It was created in […]

Destination Sparta, NJ

Sparta is one of our favorite places, and of course we are talking about nearby Sparta, NJ. The township of Sparta is just as breathtaking as its ancient Greece counterpart; with beautiful lakes, mountains and farmland. The scenic Lake Mohawk is one of our favorite spots, where you can stroll the boardwalk or browse the […]

Ogdensburg, NJ Police Department

A great community like Ogdensburg, NJ doesn’t happen without the support of local services and civic organizations. We thought we’d bring a little attention to the hard working men in blue at our very own Ogdensburg Police Department. The fine members of the department have the primary concern of keeping our residents safe and offer […]

Celebrating Independence in Ogdensburg, NJ

One of our favorite Ogdensburg, NJ holidays is right around the corner; that’s right Fourth of July! As you probably know, Fourth of July or Independence Day celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by our forefathers on July 4th 1776. We thought we’d share some interesting facts related to Independence Day you may […]

Going Beyond Memorial Day

We hope everyone had a great 2012 Memorial Day. This is a day that is very important to us. It is a day where we can all take some time to remember the brave men and women who have fallen for our country while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Do you know the […]

Never Forget Your Ogdensburg, NJ Roots

It is easy to go about our daily lives and forget our history and roots.  Thank goodness Ogdensburg, NJ has a historical society for which its sole purpose is that preservation of important local history. The Ogdensburg Historical Society, or OHS, is both a nonprofit and non-partisan group, who work on ascertaining and preserving Ogdensburg, […]

World Famous Minerals & More About Ogdensburg

Last month we focused on the fact or fiction history of Ogdensburg . If Charlie Chaplin, Thomas Edison and Babe Ruth ever visited the town or not, we may never know, but something we do know is that Ogdensburg has some great minerals and is quite famous for them. There are minerals found in Ogdensburg […]

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