Our Favorite Back to School DIY

Back to school time in Ogdensburg NJ typically means two things for parents: joyous squeals and bemoaning all that back-to-school shopping. Those school supply lists seem to grow every year, which means your back-to-school shopping can get more expensive. But with a few creative tips and a few DIY hacks, you can make you and […]

The Parent Guide to Freshman Move-in Day

College can be a time of exciting new experiences, learning (we hope) and, for most freshman, the first taste of adulthood. For parents, it can be a time of loss and also new found freedom. But before all of that, you both have to make it through college move-in day. There’s a lot to know […]

Tiny Apartment, Big Potential

Whether you are a college student venturing out on your own, a downsizing adult, or someone who really likes small living, organizing a small space is no simple task. The best thing you can do is make a plan before you move-in, to ensure your apartment stays tidy. From organizational furniture to storage tips and […]

Just the Two of Us: Tips for Moving in Together

It’s wedding season here in Sparta, NJ. It also happens to be moving season. Coincidence? We think not. Moving in together is a huge transition for any relationship. Whether you’re a few months into dating or about to get married, there are a lot of little things to work out before taking this major step […]

Going Green: Room to Room Energy Saving Tips

Living the green life in Ogdensburg, NJ means embracing sustainability, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and helping promote the health of the planet by responsibly using natural resources. An eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. There are plenty of small ways you can make a big impact on the environment. Here is […]

Our Favorite Closet Organization Ideas

It’s the time of year when our Sussex County, NJ storage customers are springing into decluttering and organizing. The closet is often overlooked when it comes to organization. Possibly because all you need to do is shut the door and poof that disorganized mess is out of site. But when a closet is organized, everything […]

Don’t Clean Harder, Clean Smarter

Spring is just around the corner here in Sparta, NJ, and for many of us, that little ray of sunshine means it’s time to give our home a top-to-bottom buffing. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to become an all-season-long chore.  Don’t let the idea of spring cleaning overwhelm you. With our easy and manageable tips, […]

Making a Move Easier for Your Kids

Moving is stressful. It’s a fact. For kids though, it can have even more added emotions. Young children might idealize their old house and get emotional about leaving it, and teenagers might become moody during the transition. Us grown-ups have the ability to “make the best of it” and focus on the positive changes or […]

Small Space Living: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

If there is one trend here in Sussex County, NJ that we won’t see the end of anytime soon, it’s small space living. For some, like city dwellers, it’s a necessity. For others, it’s a lifestyle choice. And while people with large homes may have difficulty filling every room, they’ll never understand the small-space struggles […]

A Guide to Short-Term Post-Holiday Storage

A lot of our storage Sparta County, NJ customers get into the holiday spirit by decorating their homes with joyful items both inside and out. But since those decorations sit in boxes for the bulk of the year, it can be annoying to have them take up precious storage space in your apartment or house. […]

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