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Now that summer is winding down, your opportunities to take the boat out on the water may become less and less. When it’s time to pack the life jackets and water skis away, why not consider storing your beloved boat with us? Boats cannot legally be stored in your backyard or driveway in Ogdensburg and Sparta, so let us provide a safe and secure place for you to park your vessel. This will also provide you with easier access to the garage, as we all know how much space a boat can take up!

Our Sussex County, NJ storage specialists at AA1 Self Storage have compiled a checklist of tasks to help you winterize your vessel properly. Once your boat is prepared, bring it on over to us and let us take care of keeping it safe and secure!

1. Remove the drain plug. To avoid water buildup in the interior of your boat, you’ll want to store it with the plug removed. Melted snow and rainwater can create a nasty freeze-thaw cycle; causing cracks in places you don’t want them. Keep the plug in an interior compartment so that you’ll have easy access to it when you’re ready to set sail next season.

2. Stabilize the gas tank. Add a little stabilizer to ensure the fuel works at its peak performance the next time you take it out on the water.

3. Winterize the engine. If your boat has an outboard motor, make sure to change the lower unit oil. Once the engine is prepped, it’s best if you can remove the motor and store it upright inside your garage or, better yet, in one of our storage units in Sparta, NJ. However, if you want to leave it attached to the boat, that’s fine, just make sure that you’ve checked and double checked that the engine block and sea strainer are drained and that engine valves remain open.

4. Put the trailer on blocks. This will create a barrier between the moisture of the ground and your prized possession. Make sure that the wheels stay on the trailer, for a quick removal of your trailer in case of an emergency. See, we’re always thinking in your best interest!

5. Store the battery and any other electronic devices inside. Detach the battery and store it on a slab of wood inside your storage unit, or in your garage. Batteries and electronics dislike the cold, damp winter as much as you do; keeping them dry and in a climate controlled environment will greatly increase their life span.

Based on BoatUS insurance records, did you know that a boat stored on a trailer in your driveway is 5 times more likely to be stolen? Let us take care of keeping your vessel safe and secure, with our 24 hour state of the art surveillance. Feel free to stop by our facility and check out the boat storage options we have for you!


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