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Another town we are proud to be nearby to is Newton, NJ. We are happy to supply Newton, NJ storage units to its residents and businesses alike. Here is a little bit about why we think Newton, NJ is a great place to live and visit.

The community who does things together, stays together, and the Newton community is always busy with events. From board meetings to contests held at the public schools, friends and family are never bored in this community. If you’re ever looking for a place to feel welcome and to call home, Newton, NJ is the place for you.

The town of Newton, New Jersey has a history like no other. It lies on the slope of a gentle hill, patterned with limestone and slate. At the foot of the hill is a spring that sends forth the waters of Paulinskill, the chief river of the county. It is a majestic sight to behold for anyone that wants to get away and lose themselves to the beauty of nature. Newton is centrally located in Kittatinny valley which rests on the decline of the Great Slate Mountain. The site of Newton’s town square lies within a tract of 2,500 acres, situated at the head of a branch of Tohokenetcunck River, that was plotted for William Penn in October 1715.

The completion of a railroad within the town made for a well-rounded community which allowed people to come in and out easily. The Great Depression, however, brought a mass of business failures, plant closings, and mortgage foreclosures. Newton being a town built upon love and hope, did not give up during this period. They prided themselves on opening Newton Memorial Hospital in 1932, a Woolworth’s Department Store in 1935, a Motor Vehicle Inspection Station and Town Garage in 1937, and the Dennis Library in 1939. To say that they gave up when faced with an economic depression would be an insult to the Newton community, so they made sure they kept everyone busy and happy.

Today is no different when you come by. You are greeted with cheerful smiles, and positive attitudes because a town that goes through something such as the Great Depression with a bright outlook, will always be dedicated to staying that way. Need Newton, NJ storage? We are here for such a great community.


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