Self-Storage: Expectations vs. Reality

Many self-storage newbies have preconceived ideas about storage facilities. Even those that have rented and had a bad experience may believe all storage is the same. No worries. AA1 is here to set the record straight. We believe it’s important to answer all of your self-storage questions to ensure you feel comfortable and secure. Below are a few of the most incorrect expectations we hear.

It’s Only for People with Apartments and Small Spaces

Did you know that 9.4% of American households currently rent a self-storage unit? According to the Self Storage Association, that’s 10.85 million people! Also, the majority of self-storage renters are homeowners.  Many people use self-storage to store furniture when they remodel their houses, or when their kids move back in. People also store their sports equipment, cars, or even clothes in storage units.

Self-Storage is Expensive

Prices vary widely depending on size, location, and features. AA1 has many options and special promotions and discounts. When you consider the value of the belongings you are storing, self-storage units are a great way to keep your belongings secure. One of the best ways to ensure you get your money’s worth… Don’t pay for space you don’t need, but make sure you have enough room to easily access your items when you need to.

It’s Like a Second Garage

This one is a yes, and a no. While there are many things you can store in a self-storage unit that can free up space in your garage (think holiday decorations, sports equipment, and even vehicles), there are a few things you can’t. Do not store anything combustible in a storage unit (i.e, paint thinner, gasoline, solvents, paint, etc.).

Storage Facilities Aren’t Safe

Most storage facility locations are more secure than you’d think. Many have added security features that will help safeguard your belongings such as video cameras or electronic gated entry. Look for self-storage features such as a well-lit facility, unique gate codes, and multiple video cameras throughout the property. While no place is theft-proof, storage facilities with added protection can help reduce the risk of losing your valued items to break-ins.

Stop getting storage unit answers from friends who’ve never used a storage unit! Find your answers by asking one of our Sussex, NJ storage experts! We’ll answer all your storage unit and storing questions! Contact us today to help you ease all your storage anxieties.


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