Our Top 10 Reasons to Love Your Storage Unit

When it comes to finding storage solutions to simplify their lives, every customer has different needs and their own storage story. There are several reasons for using self-storage units. Even if you don’t currently have a storage unit, it can be helpful to see why other people choose to rent space for storing extra things. So, whether you are a renter or not, our top ten reasons to love your storage unit will help you appreciate the versatility, freedom, and benefits of a self-storage unit.

#10 It’s Time for Some Home Renovating

If the builders are due to construct a new extension or redo your kitchen, and you are worried about them walking through the house and damaging your sofas and antique wooden furniture, your self-storage unit is the ideal way to accommodate your valuables while the work is ongoing.

#9 Unlike You’re HOA; we Like Boats and RVs

While Homeowners Associations are great in many ways (who doesn’t love a community potluck) they are not exactly the most welcoming to your oversized recreational vehicles. Just because you want to live in a great neighborhood, doesn’t mean you should give up on the freedom of the open road or lazy days on the water. Safe and secure storage for your boats, RVs, even sports cars is well within your reach.

#8 Expanding Your Office Space

Not all customers are residential. Many local businesses find a storage unit to be the perfect solution for an office expansion. Those office files that overwhelm your work space? Store them in a climate controlled unit for preservation and easy access all year round.

#7 Expanding Your Square Footage!

Businesses are not the only ones that can benefit from a little more space. While an addition to your house can be an expensive and time-consuming project, self-storage is the exact opposite! Think of your self-storage unit as an extra closet or even room of your house. Your house will seem larger and easier to clean with less clutter.

#6 You Don’t Have Room for a She-Shed or Man-Cave

Many people rent storage spaces just to do personal projects. Crafting, wood working, you name it. A storage unit not only provides you additional space for your work it can safely store your materials.

#7 Your Not-so Empty Nest Syndrome

Once the kids move off to college, many parents dream of using that empty room for something they have always dreamed of. An exercise room, an office or perhaps something a little more fun (tiki bar anyone?). What they tend to forget is that the kids don’t take all their stuff with them. Do you want to delay your dream space? Your self-storage unit is here to save the day.

#6 A Museum of You

My significant other thinks my beanie baby collection is out of control, but they’re valuable! Where can I put them? Fear not dedicated guardian of bygone treasures. Your self-storage unit cares just as much about those prized possessions as you do.

#5 A Place for Life’s Transitions

Many customers use self-storage units while temporary relocating, whether due to a new job or school. Rather than drag your stuff back and forth, a cost-effective idea is to store it in self-storage, it will be there when you need it again.

#4 Apartment Living Without Sacrifice

Weekend warriors rejoice, your self-storage unit has got your back. While your apartment may not be accommodating of your motorbike or quad you use on the weekends for a bit of fun, we are.

#3 Wanderlust Without Worry

Nowadays, frequent traveling has become an integral part of our lives. Be it for your job or just a little fun; you may often find yourself on the move. With a storage unit, you won’t have to carry your valuable and bulky goods every time you travel and can rest assure that they are safe.

#2 Enjoying Your Retirement Years

The use of secure self-storage becomes common once people retire from their jobs. They may want to move to a smaller space, especially after their children move out. However, they may not be that comfortable giving away their excess furniture and belongings primarily because of their sentimental value. Self-storage will keep their memories for generations to come.

#1 You have your garage back!

It’s surprising how quickly a two, or even three, car garage can fill up with holiday decorations, boxes of seasonal clothing and all your kid’s sports equipment. The most frequently mentioned reason our storage customers come to us is to find all this stuff a safe and secure home. Their cars can finally go back into the garage.

AA1 Self Storage is a premier provider of self-storage for Sussex County, NJ residents. Our focus on high-quality storage rental services helps us to forge long-term relationships with our customers. If you’re searching for a top-notch storage center, give us a try! Our quality units are sure to help people from all walks of life take comfort in the safety and security that our self-storage facility offers.


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