5 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Self-Storage Unit

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to gather with close friends and family and show gratitude for all things we have. It’s a holiday that makes us pause for a moment and be thankful for many of the things we too often take for granted.

We’re thankful for many things, but we’re most thankful for the amazing customers we get to assist with their home and business storage solutions here in Ogdensburg, NJ. For this special Thanksgiving post, we’ve put together a list of reasons why you’ll be thankful for your self-storage unit.

#1 It gives you more room for your holiday guests! While we understand you may not be exactly thankful that your in-laws are coming for a nice extended visit. Just imagine what it would be like if all the stuff you have nicely tucked away in your storage unit was filling up your guest room or other rooms of your house. Remember the more guest space you have the less likely you will run into your mother-in-law while a grabbing a quick cup of coffee in your ratty bathrobe.

#2 You can “uncloset” your hobby. Hobbyists rejoice, that home-addition hobby room you wanted may not be in your future, but a self-storage unit? No problem. Organize all of your supplies to your heart’s desire without fear of anyone meddling with any of it or “borrowing” your scissors (why do they always disappear?!).

#3 It makes downsizing less of a sacrifice. Just because you move into a smaller home does not mean you have to get rid of everything. There will always be those things you may not have a place for, that’s where we come in. Whether it be those seasonal decorations or Grandma’s heirloom trinkets, your storage unit is ready for them.

#4 You can be as festive as you want. All the neighbors ask, “how do you do it? Your home is never cluttered, your cars fit in your garage, and yet every holiday you have the best-decorated house on the block!” Don’t worry we won’t tell them your secret. But really, it’s no secret that your storage unit gives you all the space you need to keep the six-foot nutcracker statues and life-size sleigh.

#5 O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E find out what it means to… your sanity. Besides giving you a little breathing room, having a clutter-free and organized house (thanks to your self-storage unit) can have actual mental and physical benefits. Recent studies have found that it can help you focus better, be less depressed and fatigued, and lessen your risk for heart disease!

We hope this short list will add a few things to the bounty of thanks you will be giving this season. And here’s wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at AA1.


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